Sunday, April 11, 2010

Role of policies in strategy implementation

Role of policies in strategy implementation
Policies are empowerment tools.They simplify decision making.The guide the decision and action of mangers their subordinates in strategy implementation.They provide standard operating procedures.They are generally formal and written.The roles of policies in strategy implementation are:
  1. Policies promote uniform handing of similar activities.This coordinates tasks.Frictions are reduced.
  2. Policies ensure quicker decisions by standardizing answer to routine problems.They empower employees.
  3. Policies reduce uncertainty in day-to-day decision making.They provide predetermined answer.
  4. Policies establish consistent pattern of managerial actions.
  5. policies reduces resistance to organizational strategies.
  6. Policies establish indirect control over independent action.Misunderstanding.They improve job performance.
  7. Policies help understand the business environment.

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