Thursday, April 15, 2010


Leadership is an essential of management .It guides and influences employees.It establishes direction,manages changes and builds a team.It is essential to drive strategy implementation forward.Effective leaders carry out the following tasks to effectively implementation strategy.
  1. Leading :Guiding,influencing and motivating people for effective implementation.Staying on top of what is happening.Pushing corrective actions.Setting directions.
  2. Performance based reward:Tying rewards and incentives to implementation performance.
  3. Supportive environment :Creating a strategy supportive work environment.
  4. Open communication:Promoting open communication to reduce conflicts and manage change.
  5. Environmental adaption:Keep the organization responsive to changing forces that affect implementation.
  6. Team building :Achieve synergistic effects through teams building.The organization structure is redesigned.
  7. Benchmarking :Instituting best practices and pushing for continuous improvements.Ensuring organizational coomitment to excellence.
  8. Shaping organizational culture :Shaping conducive organizational refers to a set of values,beliefs,symbols and assumptions shared in common throughout the organization.It is shaped by:
  • Emphasizing dominant values.They reinforce strategic advantage.They can center around quality,cost,speed,differentiation,service,efficiency.
  • Institutionalizing practices that reinforce desired values and beliefs.Stories and legends are disseminated.
  • Using rewards systems and structures.
  • Managing strategy culture relationships for strategy culture fit.
  • Promoting ethical behavior.

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