Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Research and development

Research and  development
  • Technology transfer :Strategic alliances for technology transfer among firms from one country to another are increasing.
  • Production development :Strategic planing for new production development is being emphasized.
  • Outsourcing :Commissioning R&D activities to firms who can do things better and cheaper is gaining popularity.
  • R&D Budget :Allocation of higher amounts of budget for R&D is being done.
  • Product developing :Concurrent approach is replacing sequential approach in product development.Products are designed for their total life cycle.
Accounting :strategic development are :
  • Computerized accounting system:New and better software are being developed to computerise accounting information system.
  • Harmony :International accounting standards are being used to harmonize reporting of accounting information globally.
Purchasing :The strategic development are :
  • JIT: Just-in-time purchasing is getting popular.Raw materials and spare parts are delivered just before they are used up.
  • Quantitative techniques :Various models are being used to control and mange inventory efficiently.
  • Professionalism :Supplies are being regarded as partners to take advantage of each other's expertise for purchasing.Even alliance are formed with competitors for procurement benefits.

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