Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Essentials of effective implementation team based structure

Essentials of effective implementation team based structure
A team is a group whose individual effects result in positive synergy through coordinates efforts.Its characteristics are :
  • Collective performance to achieve team objectives.
  • Little or no supervision with individual and mutual accountability.
  • Shared leadership roles.Decision through discussion.
  • Member skills are multiple and complementary.
  • Outcomes is positive synergy through coordinated effects.
Cross functional teams are used to implement strategy.They consist of member from different departments and works areas.They are o0f the sane level.They come together to accomplish specific tasks.Member are experts in various specialties.They are carefully selected.
  1. Member of the team work collectively to achieve team objectives.
  2. Team has authority to makes decisions.
  3. There is no rigid hierarchy.
  4. Employee talents and skills are better utilized.
  5. Performance evaluation is by members themselves.
  6. Productivity and satisfaction is high.
  1. Teams may duplication the effects of departments.
  2. Team effectiveness is situational.
  3. Conflicts may arias between team and department.
  4. Teams may work as islands.

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