Friday, April 16, 2010

Concept of strategy evaluation and control

Concept of strategy evaluation and control
Strategic evaluation and control ensure that the right things are done in the right manner and at the right time.It continually assesses the changing environment to uncover events that may significantly affect the course of the strategy.
Strategic evaluation and control is exercise by top management.It is long term oriented.It focuses on external environment.It is proactive and provides early warning about the performance of the strategy.
The characterise of strategy evaluation and control are :
  1. Right direction :Strategy evaluation and control ensures that the strategy is moving in the right direction.It is objective oriented.
  2. Proactive :Strategy evaluation and control is an early warning system of control.It pro acts by continual questioning the direction of strategy.It is based on timely information.
  3. Future oriented:Strategy evaluation and control aims to steer the future direction of strategy.
  4. Focus :Strategic evaluation and control focuses on forces and events in the external environment.
  5. Time horizon:Strategic evaluation and control has a long term time horizon.
  6. Responsibility :Strategic evaluation and control is the responsibility of top management.
  7. Techniques :Strategic evaluation and control is based on environment surveillance,premises reexamination,implementation review,information gathering and special alert technique.
  8. Corrective actions:They are the essence of strategic evaluation and control.It is action oriented.
  • Timely evaluation and control alerts management about problems before they critical.It is essential to face dynamics environments.It ensures environmental relevance.

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