Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mckinsey's 7s framework

Mckinsey's 7s framework
Effective implementation of strategy should be supported by 7s.They all should work together.They are :
  1. Strategy :Set of decisions and actions aimed at gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.They are based on anticipation of changes in external environment.
  2. Structure :Who reports to whom and how tasks are differentiated and integrated.It defines the focus of the company product or customer.
  3. Systems :The flow of activities in operations including core processes and support systems.It includes information systems.
  4. Style :How managers act developed and their basic values shaped.It refers to human resources systems.
  5. Shared values:Commonly held beliefs and assumptions that shape corporate culture.It refers to human resources system.This is the core of strategy.
  6. Skills :Dominate capabilities and competencies of an organization.They provide competitive advantage.

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