Saturday, April 10, 2010

Establishing management system

Establishing management system
A management system is established for strategy implementation.A strong management team is put together.
Team members can come from within the organization or they can be outsiders.The term should have the right mix of skills with potential to developed.
The management performs the following function.
  1. Human resources management :The employees are acquired developed,utilised and rain ted.
  • Acquiring competent employees :Talented,experienced and competent employees are acquired for the organization.
  • Developed of employees :Training and management development is made a continuous process to develop employees.This is essential to develop knowledge base and build human capital.
  • Utilization of employees :Motivation is the key factors for effectively utilizing people.They are given challenging,interesting and creative job assignments.
  • Retention of employees:The salary,benefits,service and incentives help retain high-potential ad high performance employees.
2.Information management :It is done through the use of information technology.
3.Leadership :It is exercised through guiding and influencing employees.It shapes organization culture.

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