Thursday, April 29, 2010

Management of credit card functions

Management of credit card functions
The credit card department was established in 1994 at "Thamel in the head of Himalayan bank .In 1997,its name was changed to credit card center and was shifted to Maharanjgunj branch.Since 1999,the credit card center has been shifted to Pulchowk branch.There has been frequent transfer of personnel in the center.The functions of the center are :
  • Marketing :This function in concerned with issue of card.It communicates through telephone,e-mail and latter to attract and retain qualitative members.It keeps track of the needs of potential and current cardholders.
  • Processing :This function processes the transactions related to credit card.
  • Control :This function monitors the cardholders and merchant activities.It also deals with collection of dues and control of fraudulent activities.
Himalayan bank had issued HBL regular card in an November 1993,Which has a membership of 1258.The HBL gold card issued in November 1997 has 690 members.But both of these credit cards have been phased out because of problems associated with security and fraud.Visa classic and visa gold have also been phased out.At present Himalayan bank deals with visa international and master card.It has 33 percent share of credit card business in Nepal.The competition is getting together.

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