Saturday, April 10, 2010

Designing structure

Designing structure
Structure is a mean to implement strategy.It defines activities,levels,roles and reporting relationship.It facilitates resource allocation.Dimensions of structure are :
  • Job design :Job required to implement strategy are defined.division of work is done.
  • Job grouping :Similar jobs are grouped in departments.They can be production,marketing,finance,human resource,research and development.Jobs are assigned to people and position.
  • Relationships :Authority responsibility relationships are established.A hierarchy is established which specifics who reports to whom.Span of control is decided.This provides formulation to the structure.
Modern structures reflex external focus.Flexible interaction,interdependency and bottom up approach.Globalisation,Internet and complexity have generally affects structures.Large organizations are getting complex.
Resources are important for strategy implementation.Resource plans are prepared to predetermine future resource needs.They serve as a framework for mobilizing and allocating.

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