Sunday, March 28, 2010

Strategic implications of SWOT matricx ,advantage and disadvantage

Strategic implications of SWOT matrix ,advantage and disadvantage
The SWOT matrix can be used as matching tool development strategies.They can be :

  • 1.So strategies :Internal strengths are used to take advantage of external opportunities.This is the strategy desired by all organization.

  • 2.Wo strategic :Internal weakness are overcome by taking advantage of external opportunities .
  • 3.St strategic :Internal strategic are used to avoid external threats.

  • 4.Wt strategic :Internal weakness are minimised and external threats are avoided for severally.

Advantage :
  • An opportunities has no value unless resources are available to take advantage of it.SWOT analysis facilities the finding strategic fit between external opportunities and internal resources.
  • It cam be used to invest in weakness to make them competitive.Threats can also be avoided.
  • It is the ens sens of strategy formulation.Alternative strategies can also be formulated .
  • It can be used for finding a niche to take advantage of market opportunities.
  • IT helps organizations to adapt to environmental changes.
Disadvantage :
  • It generates lengthily list of opportunities,threats,strengths and weakness.
  • It does not indicate priorities.
  • The same factors can be placed in two categorises,for example,student number is both a strength and weakness for Tribhuwan University.
  • It has no link to strategy implementation.

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