Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Environmental threat and opportunity profile

Environmental threat and opportunity profile
Environment analysis results in a mass of information related to forces in the environment.They deal with events,trends,issues,and expectations.Structuring of environmental issues is necessary to make them meaning full for strategy formulation.
ETOP(Environmental Threat and Opportunity Profile) is a technique to structure environmental issues.ETOP involves:
  • Dividing the environment into different sectors.Each sectors can be subdivided into sub sectors.
  • Analyzing the impact of each sector and subsector on the organization.
  • Describe the impact in the form of a statement.
Advantage of ETOP
  1. It provides a clear of which sector and sub sectors have favourable impact on the organization.It helps interpret the result of environment analysis.
  2. The organization can assess its competitive position.
  3. Appropriate strategies can be formulated to take advantage of opportunities and counter the threat.
  4. SWOT analysis (Strategic weakness,opportunities and threats.)


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SWOT is the organization's areas of Strength (and not Strategic), Weakness Opportunities and Threat

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