Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nature of environment

Nature of environment
The nature of environment is as follows :
  1. Complex :Environment is complex.It is unpredictable .It consist of interacting events,conditions and influences arising from varied sources.Complexity provides uncertainly
    to environment.
  2. Dynamic :Business environment is dynamic.It is continually changing is shape and character.Technological change greatly influence it.Globalization has brought competition everywhere its.Influence differs from industry to industry and firms within an industry.
  3. Multi-faceted :Environment is multi-faceted.Different people perceive environmental changes differently.A particular change in the environment can be an opportunity for one organization but threat for another organization.
  4. Far-reaching impact :Environment exerts far-reaching impact on organizations.It impact there capacity to achieve objectives.It provides strengths,weakness,opportunities and threats to the organization.

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