Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mission (purpose statment)

Mission (purpose statment)
Mission states the reason for the existence of the or organization.It defines product,market and competitive scope for the long term.It describes values,beliefs,philosophies,priorities and commitment of the organization.It projects the image of the organization.It addresses the executions of stakeholders.Mission spells out vision.It answers "what is our business?" It defined the business and its sources of competitive advantage.

Focus of mission statements
Mission statement can focus one or more of the following components :
  • Customer :Sensitivity to customer needs satisfaction."customer is our top property." (Johnson and Johnson)
  • Quality :Concern for quality "quality is our number one job." (Ford Motor CO.)
  • Technology :Technological innovation and improvement."Let's make things better"(Philips)
  • Geographical Domain :Extent of globalization ."We deliver in more than 220 countries."(DHL)
  • philosophy :Beliefs,values,creed."We believe in honesty."
  • Image :Improvements in quality of life,equal opportunity,environment-friendly."We are responsive to social concerns.""its Sony"

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