Sunday, February 14, 2010

Characteristics of mission statement

Characteristics of mission statement
Mission statement should have the following characteristics.
  1. Feasible :It should be realistic and available.Resources should be available.
  2. Precise :It should be neither too broad,nor too narrow.It should be state precisely.
  3. Clear :It should be clear for action purpose.
  4. Motivation :It should be motivate employee and stakeholders.Employees should feel worthwhile working for the organization.
  5. Distinctive :It should be distinct compared to competitors.
  6. Strategy :Mission statement should be indicated strategic to followed and objective to be achieving.
Our mission is to sell fashion to well-to-do upper class in urban areas.We are in the picture business to preserve and improve human life.our mission is total customer satisfaction.Our mission is to provide any customer a means of moving people and things up,down,and sideways over short distance with higher reliability.

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