Monday, May 3, 2010

Bakery cafes

Bakery cafes
Shyam sunder Lall Kakshapati,the maker of bakery cafe Chines is deeply engrossed in business expansion.They speak of quality with affordable price.
At the tender age of 19,Kakshapati opened"Sam's Grocery shop"at Ratan Park.It because the "best candy shop in town".He added a juice fountain lemonade which was an instant success.However,he was not satisfied to be a grocer.He opened cafe de park to cater young professionals segment.
While enjoying the growing success of the business of the cafe for about three years,he identified that the pasture was greener in Durbar marg area which was attracting ever increasing number of travel agencies,airlines offices and banks.So he moved there and set up Naglo restaurant in 1976 which soon became a famous rendezvous first for the young people and gradually for people of all ages.In 1978,he expanded the restaurant to add a Chines room.Gradually the facilities developed a capacity to serve 300 persons at a time under the same roof.It targeted youth and working people.
Kakshapati's expansion dive outside Durbar Marge experienced a jolt in 1984 with the Nagarkot resort project.Though the resort business was a new field for Kakshpati,he recalls that he had carefully calculated all the risks and possible benefits,and he also had built up a strong support structure of friends,consultants and other professionals.People also were ready for the resort ides-to get out of the valley and relax.Though he has a successfully running resort spring resort set up in 1996 at Kurintar by the side of Kathmandu-Pokhara highway,he says the sudden demise of Nagarkot project broke his heart and spirits due to army control of Nagarkot because of its strategic location.

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